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When you decide to live in the apartment, you have to accustom with the narrow space. Don’t ever think that with the narrow space, you cannot get the nice comfort. There are many initiations that can be used to get the comfy ambiance. One of them is by adorning the chic decoration. Besides, you have to set the room with the well arrangement. Actually, read below idea to get the cool inspiration about the awesome apartment decoration.
The enchanting apartment decoration with the colorful theme is set in the minimalist living room and the modern kitchen which are designed without partition. The combination of the black and white color is used in the living room to create the matching view. With the comfy black sofa, you can have a nice sitting. Meanwhile, the curved table is equipped to offer nice base for some foods and other tools. In the white wall, the large LED TV is attached so that you can enjoy your favorite program. However, in the kitchen, the green tone is used to evoke the soothing ambiance. There are green pouf, green pendant lamps, and green tiles.
The next charming apartment decoration is equipped in the spacious living room in the penthouse. Indeed, you can enjoy your gathering with your companion in this room. Actually, the sleek white sofa, white ottoman, and white rocking chair are used in this space to offer you nice comfort. Besides, you can freely see the exotic scenery outside through the translucent view of glass wall. Meanwhile, with the LED lamps, you will get the bright lighting in the night. In addition, the red fresh flower is adorned in the vase to spout the beautiful in this space. The large brown rug fills the empty space in the living room. You will be comfortable having activity in the flooring. Finally, let’s imitate those designs in your lovely apartment.


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